Baby Bulb
65 Grams
Price: $8.00
Small Bulb
142 Grams
Price: $12.00
Medium Bulb
255 Grams
Price: $20.00
Large Bulb
425 Grams
Price: $32.00
The Candle Hut Melbourne Niddrie - Soy Bulb jars Melbourne
The Bulb jar candles come in 3 sizes are another great way to style your home or space with a jar candle. A soy wax candle can add the mood to any room while filling the space with a beautiful candle fragrance scent. Candles by Design a Candle provide you with everything you need in a candle. Our one stop candle shop provides fast and smooth purchasing and browsing to by your next homemade candles
  • Small $12.00
  • Medium$20.00
  • Large $32.00
The Candle Hut Melbourne Niddrie - baby soy  bulb jar
The Candle Hut Melbourne Niddrie - large bulb jar